Pray In May

Thursday is the National Day Of Prayer. I’m challenging you not only to pray Thursday but commit to fervently pray in May.

Here are a lsit of things I challenge you to pray for:

1. Seek His face to awaken your heart to His will and desires. (Psalm 27:8)

2. Invite Christ to be Lord over every area of your life. (Romans 10:12)

3. Ask God for clear direction for our church’s future. (Romans 8:14)

4. Seek God’s wisdom as He is the source of all wisdom. ( Romans 11:33 )

5. Express your thankfulness for God’s goodness and grace toward Pine Street. ( Romans 2:4 )

6. Seek His authority and Kingship over our church. ( John 12:12-16 )

7. Humbly present your self to God for His glory. ( Jeremiah 3:25 )

8. Ask God to grant me as your pastor great wisdom and discernment as I lead Pine Street in pursuit of God’s plan to reach Guyton with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

9. Pray that I would imitate Christ in all that I do and inspire others to do the same. (1 Corinthians 11:1)

10. Pray for all the workers at Pine Street Baptist Church. Ask God to fill them with His strength and wisdom so that they can fulifill their ministry and leadership with joy and peace. (Ephesians 6:18)

11. Pray that therre will be an awesome, supernatural sense of unity within the body of Christ. Pray that individuals will seek a deeper walk with Christ.

12. Pray for individual families. Ask for protection, health, joy and that the love of Jesus will fill each home and family member. Pray for spiritual growth in each life.

13. Pray for our deacons. Ask that they be sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit as they seek to minister to the church as a whole.

14. Pray for our Worship and Music ministry.Pray that our times of praise and worship will be sweet, glorifying God in every way. Pray for a sense of power in our midst as we gather to worship.

15. Pray for our Sunday School classes and those who teach God’s Word. Pray that they are faithful to their calling and for strength to persevere.

16. Pray for the furture: for new and potential minstries, and the leadership that will be needed.

17. Pray that our Church will fulfill the Great Commission and Commandments. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Join with Me and Pray In May




1 Response to “Pray In May”

  1. 1 April Garrett May 2,2007 at 8:32 pm


    I really have enjoyed reading your daily comments. This is great communication.

    Thanks for all you do!

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