Last night when I got home from church, Lynn told me that I needed to talk to Jenna. She told me that Jenna was crying on the way home.  She told Lynn that when I prayed for her salvation in last night’s service that she began to cry.

So, I went into the bedroom and ask her if she wanted to talk to me. And she said, ”Yes.”

 She told me that she wanted to be saved.

I explained the Gospel to her and she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior and Lord.

I told Jenna that the day that her mother and I went to the hospital for her birth, that on the way I prayed for the day that she would give her life to Christ, and I told her that He had answered my prayer. 

I cannot tell you how grateful to God that Lynn and I are that Jenna has accepted Christ. We are overwhelmed at the grace of God.

Mom’s and Dad’s, pray for the salvation of your child. Do it today! Grandparents, pray for the salvation of your grandchildren. Do it today!

 Stay Positive and Focused on the Mission,


1 Response to “Jenna”

  1. 1 April Garrett June 11,2007 at 2:49 pm

    Wow…I am so excited for you and Lynn.Lynn and I were just talking last night after church about how she and Kylee both had been asking questions and we felt it would not be long before Jenna would take that step. When Jenna called me last night to tell me what she had done she was so excited and could not wait to tell everyone. It has been such a blessing for me to see these girls give their heart to Jesus. As you stated last night we all get discouraged and feel like throwing in the towel from time to time but then God does something Miraculous to remind us why he has chose us for the job he has given us. I am so excited for these girls and look forward to watching them continue to grow.

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