Developing A Dream

We all have dreams. Some of your dreams probably involve success at work or the happiness and success of your children.

Some young people dream of succeeding at sports, or school, or in music, or something relating to their hobby or interest.

What about your spiritual dreams?

Do you dream of living a better life or making some contribution to others? Do you want to know God better? Do any of your dreams relate to God?

Every person was put here on this earth for a reason. The reason God put you here is really spelled out in His dream for your life.

God wants you to have dreams that are bigger than your life.

If you work up a dream in your own energy, it may not come to pass. If it is something you want for selfish reasons, it may or may not happen.

But when God gives you a dream, it will posses you. The dream will motivate you, and you will sacrifice your life for it.

God has given me a dream for Pine Street Baptist Church. In the coming days I will be sharing with you what God has shown me.

I believe God wants to do a GREAT work here at our church. I am excited about our future and what God is going to do.

Ask God to give you a vision for what He wants to do in your life. Be open to His will for your life. Allow Him to stretch you.

Pray Big and Dream Big because we serve a BIG GOD!!


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