Good Evening!

Well, I’m glad to be back home after a couple of days at Six Flags. We had a wonderful time there with our teenagers. It was Atlanta Fest at Six Flags. They have Christian music groups there and speakers.

Thursday Night we heard David Nasser speak and he brought a great message.

We heard Newsboys in concert and it was one of the best Christian concerts I’ve experienced. They really ministered to me, and I believe everyone in our group really enjoyed them and got something out of it.

Overall we had a fun and safe trip. Thanks for praying for us!

I thank the Lord for Kyle and Tami. They do a wonderful job with our youth. Lift them up in prayer everyday.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning for our Father’s Day’s breakfast at 7:30.

After breakfast we are going to watch a Dennis Swanberg DVD about Father’s entitled ”He Called Me Champ.” Please pray that it really miinsters to our men.

I’m also looking for to our Morning service tomorrow.

Come tomorrow morning Expecting: expecting God to move and expecting lives to be changed.

Come with a heart that is open to what God will do – not just in others, but in YOU.

Have your spiritual eyes and ears open so that you don’t miss what God says and what He does.

I can’t wait until tomorrow! See You There,


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