Convictions About Prayer

Michael Easley, President of Moody Bible Institute gives his personal convictions about prayer:

*A personal prayer life is more important than group or public prayer.

* The discipline or development of prayer is an indicator of growth, maturity, and intimacy with Christ.

* Prayer is a relationship , not a task.

* Prayer is recognition that my dependence is not partial but total.

* Our prayer will wax and wane.

* Pain, suffering, and problems may well be God’s motivators for us to pray.

* Eloquence in prayer is not important.

* Prayer is communication with the Creator of the universe. As a result, why use repetitious, dull, canned language to talk with God?

*Choosing good words, expressions, phrases that clearly articulate prayer is important.

* Keeping a journal or writing prayers helps us see, over time, more about ourselves than whether God ”answers” prayer.

* If prayer is important to Christ, would He leave His followers in a fog for all time.

As the Mennonites urged, pray until you have prayed.

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