Suggestions For Parents

I think all of us should be concerned about the family in America today.

Here are a few observations that will possibly open our eyes to the seriousness of the problem.

1] Kid’s are running the home.

Everywhere you look it seems that kids determine what the family will do.

Kids will whine, pitch a fit and act like brats until their parents give in to what they want.

2] Kids are getting away with too much.

Parents are covering for their kids and making excuses for them. If a child doesn’t do what they’re supposed to do, the parents rush out and try to ”fix” it.

Kids will never learn anything if they are always being bailed out and are never forced to take personal responsibility for their actions.

3] Kids are getting their understanding of the home from the culture and media.

In other words, dad is an idiot, mom is stressed and can be pushed over the edge and kids can be smart alecks.

If I had smarted off to my dad like kids do today I’d probably be in heaven today.

4] Kids have no respect for authority.

They don’t respect teachers, coaches, pastors, public servants or leaders at any level. Why? Too many parents take their sides and never consider that their ”precious little angel” could be wrong.

Or parents bad-mouth those in positions of authority and model this inappropriate behavior in front of their children.

5] Kids have no concept of consequences.

When kids disobey, the computer stays in their room and they’re allowed to keep their cell phones.

If they get in trouble with the law, parents never let them taste the consequences of sin. Parents try to cover things up and look good at all cost.

Children have to learn how to accept the consequences for their actions or they’ll never learn from their actions.

6] Kids lack spiritual leadership.

Many parents just drop their kids of at church and then do their own thing.

Others want their kids to be good Christian examples, but they aren’t willing to be godly parents.

Too many kids lack spiritual direction in the home. The Church cannot resurrect what the home puts to death. A church can have a fantastic children’s and youth program, but if it’s not being reinforced at home it is largely in vain.

7] Kids are not paying attention in Worship Services.

Kids talk, whisper, and send text messages during worship services.

No wonder they have little desire to walk with God. They aren’t listening to the sermon and engaging in worship; they’re just sitting in church doing what they do if they were at the mall.

– You might be asking why I started every observation with kids.

It’s simple, our kids are a reflection of us.

My hope and prayer is that we who want to reach and impact the next generation ( including our own children) will take our responsibility seriously.

Because of Him,


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