Grow Your Own Soul

Are you anxious to grow your own soul?

It is a worthwhile aim. A glorious hope. An adventuresome possibility. An opportunity to partner with God.

This adventure begins with daily quiet time alone with God.

Quiet time is the time set apart each day for prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, and the cultivation of the life in the Spirit. It’s like a spiritual shower that cleanses, refreshes, and invigorates.

No matter who you are – new Christian, old Christian, Pastor or layperson – you have little hope of spiritual stability unless you regularly make time to develop a meaningful relationship with God.

How Can We Maintain A Successful Quiet Time?

1] Be convinced of the importance of a quiet time.

We cannot be successful at what we do unless we are thoroughly committed to achieving it.

2] Cultivate a taste for communion with God.

Jeremiah 15:16 ”Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart..”

Scripture must become a part of our lives.

We should also desire to commune with God through prayer.

3] Work hard to develop a quiet time.

Seek to avoid interruptions. Arrange your schedule so that you can be alone and unhurried for a specific time each day. We need to seek solitude and stillness to hear the voice of God.

I have found that people have time for just about anything that’s important to them. Yet nothing is more important than our time with God. If we do not maintain that time, it is not because we are too busy, but because we do not feel it is important enough.

4] Be consistent.

Try to meet the Lord in the same place and at the same time each day.

5] Expect God to do something for you each day.

Pray expecting the Lord to meet a specific area in your life. Resolve not to hurry. Be still before the Lord. Ask God for a word of encouragement for this day.

Before long, daily quiet times will become less of an obligation and more a source of joy.

Grow Your Own Soul and you will enjoy peace, power and perseverance.

Because of Him,


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