World’s Greatest Church Tells Secret

In a surprising news release, the leaders of what many are saying is the most effective church in the history of Christianity, gave incredible insight into the success of the church. The report was actually written by a physician who was closely linked to the key leaders.

The church, comprised of nearly 4000 active attenders, was actually quite new at the time of the report. Somehow the leaders, most of them young and none of them seminary-trained, learned early in their ministry the keys to effective church growth. Surprisingly, their methods do not include what many would consider necessary for building a successful church. And the leaders themselves do not fit the model of what most of us would say are leadership essentials.

The report stated that the leaders determined that three very clear priorities would be established from the inception of the new church.

First, they would insure that the congregation would take of pressing physical and spiritual needs in a spirit of love – even designating a group of laypeople to see that this would take place.

Second, the leadership themselves decided to place an unusual amount of importance on the study of Scriptures so that they might be able to teach effectively.

Third, the leaders devoted themselves to large amounts of prayer.

Apparently, this three-fold focus has produced overwhelming results, with thousands coming to faith and being baptized.  The congregation itself sees to it that the message of the church just keeps spreading from person to person and from neighborhood to neighborhood.

This simple, but powerful formula has been overlooked by the many thousands of churches that aspire to see the kind of results that these leaders have experienced.

The church really doesn’t have a marketable name – they are simply called the church in their particular geographical location – Jerusalem.

The physician is Luke.

The report is found in Acts 6:1-7.

Because of Him,


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