What Can’t Be Undone

“The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whoever utters slander is a fool.” Proverbs 10:18

According to a 19th century Jewish folktale, a villager developed a grudge against his rabbi and spread slanderous tales about him all over town. Days later, the gossiper came to his senses and was overcome with remorse. He begged forgiveness from the rabbi and offered to do any penance necessary.

The Rabbi surprised him by instructing him to take a feather pillow into the woods, rip it open, and let the wind take the feathers. The man did as instructed and returned to tell the rabbi.

“Now, gather up all the feathers,” said the rabbi.
“But the wind has scattered them, it’s impossible.”

“It is. And though your wish to make amends may be sincere, you can’t call back your hasty words any more than you can recover the feathers scattered by the wind.”

Remember, words are very powerful and you can never recover what has been said, edify don’t crucify! Be a person who encourages, not one who discourages. Remember, Thumper the rabbit, “If you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all!”

Because of Him,


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