When Will We Take Worship Seriously?

We have a growing problem in churches among the so-called saints. Few bring their Bibles, and many have no intention of actively engaging. They are nothing more than spectators, waiting for the musicians and preacher to perform.

How’s your worship? Do you take it seriously? Let me ask a few questions, and you answer them for yourself.

Do you find yourself always running late? Would you do that for school or your job? If not, then your school or job means more to you than worshiping the Lord.

Do you look for ways to miss church? A quick trip to the beach or the lake? Company at the house? A few chores that you just have to get done? Isn’t that taking worship lightly?

Do you find yourself coming to church and never opening your Bible?

When you follow along with the preacher, you are hearing and reading the Word for yourself. Your eyes and ears are engaged, and you double your chances of seeing and hearing from God.

Do you ever think about the personal application of the songs you sing? Do you just sing words, or do you allow the words to penetrate your heart?

Are you prayed up when you come? Do you expect to hear from God? Do you ask God to speak to you before you ever walk in the room? If you expect little, you’ll receive little.

Do you stand around outside and talk as long as possible and then slip in, or do you get in and give yourself a few minutes to take a deep breath and get ready for worship?

Do you allow the offering plate to go by without ever putting anything in the plate? Do you repeatedly come to church and offer God that which costs you nothing?

Does the thought of prioritizing Sunday around the Lord hit your radar screen? Is one hour on Sunday enough for you? Is that all your faith means to you?

Are you ever tempted to leave early because you want to beat the crowd to lunch? Is worship something you are trying to get out of, or are you like Joshua who found a way to linger at the tent of meeting even after Moses left?

Are you like David, glad, rejoicing and celebrating when someone talks about going to church? I can’t wait for Sundays. They are the best day of the week. I get my spiritual love tank filled on Sunday. How about you?

One last word for all of us. We better take worship seriously. God is so serious about it that He’s planning on us doing it for eternity.

Are you thinking about skipping out early, giving half-hearted praise or lip service in glory? If so, you might want to see if you even want to be there or if you are going.

Why would anyone want to go to heaven and do for eternity what they have no desire to do a couple of times a week?

Think about it and show up ready to worship this Sunday. No, I mean really worship—on time, engaged, focused and yielded.

Because of Him,



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