Never Give Up!

I read the other day about the miracle of the bamboo trees that grow in Malaysia. I believe it serves as a terrific reminder of the importance of perseverance.

The first year after he plants the bamboo, the Malaysian farmer waters, fertilizes, and cultivates his crop.

Nothing happens.

The next year, he carefully waters, fertilizes, and cultivates again.

Nothing happens.

The third year? You guessed it. More water and more fertilizer. But again, nothing happens.

I don’t know about you, I think I would have given up right about then. The farmer has absolutely nothing to show for three years of hard work.

Yet he goes out a fourth year and does it again. With the same results.

Undaunted, as a fifth anniversary of the planting rolls around, he goes back out and starts the routine all over again.

And in the next thirty days, the bamboo shoots ninety feet into the sky. Yes! Not nine feet or ninety inches – but ninety feet.

You see, you just never know what’s going to happen if you refuse to give up.

Because of Him,



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