Banking On Jesus

“Everyone then who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.’’ Matthew 7:24

1. Jesus cautioned us not to invest in those things that will eventually become moth-eaten, rusted, or stolen Matthew 6:19.
2. He counseled us to avoid the anxiety that is generated by the endless pursuits of material things Matthew 6:25.
3. He challenged us to utilize our resources in making spiritual investments that will pay eternal dividends Matthew 6:20.
4. He reminded us that our hearts follow our treasures and we become ‘attached’ to what we spend our money on Matthew 6:21.
5. He warned us of the foolishness of placing our trust and security in what we’ve been able to accumulate Luke 12:16-21.
6. He promised us that when we establish/maintain spiritual priorities, all our needs will be met Matthew 6:33.

Here is the bottom line… We have a choice. We can heed the word of Jesus and know the joy of being liberated from the exhausting drive for wealth and material goods. Or we can decide that E.F. Hutton, Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter provide better counsel for our happiness and security. Personally, I’m banking on Jesus.

Because of Him,



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